What is Naturamunch?
Natura Munch is a online premium Snacking store for high quality ,tasty and healthy snacks. At Natura Munch, we are committed to making the world a healthy place to live. It is said that food you eat defines your health. With a wholesome range of food products, we strive to bring the healthiest Food Products to the customers – the same quality food we serve to our family. Worried about putting on weight? Our range of healthy snacks will satiate your hunger and keep those extra calories at bay. You can choose from a wide variety of snacks that we offer.
Why should i buy from you?
With following Naturamunch stands to serve our guest :
  1. 1. Taste
  2. 2. Health
  3. 3. Innovation
  4. 4. Trust
  5. 5. Fun
What kind of products you have?
At Natura Munch, we are committed to making the world a healthy place to live. It is said that food you eat defines your health. With a wholesome range of food products, we strive to bring the healthiest Food Products to the customers that are packaged in easy-to-carry packets which could be resealed to manage crunchiness.If you buy a subscription, each box will have easy to carry 10 packets containing 5 snacks.
What are the subscription plans?
Natura munch believes that health is very important all the time for anyone. To keep a consistency habit for healthy snacking we have come up with the subscription plans that will bring the snacks to your door steps every month as per the desired cycle. This continuity makes easier for our clients to maintain their health consistently.
How do I order items from your website?
You can click on the green icon “Get Started” from the website menu, select the type of plan you want, and we do the rest.Visit our Get Started page and see how easy it is! For any further assistance you can reach us at our contact no. or email us at Info@naturamunch.com
Can I customize my snack as per my requirement?
Currently from our website we are serving the table d'hote (fixed snacks) Snacks but we are planning to come up with a la carte snacks(From your choice). If you have a certain customise snacks in mind please call us with your requirement and we will be happy to serve your requirement.
How you can cater to my office/institutional requirement?
Natura munch primary offering is to customise and give a right solution for every office/Institutional requirement through us and our trusted partners. To do this you can visit our institutional selling page and place the details of your order or you can also contact us on helpline number. Our experts will help us get customised solution for your office requirement.
When can one expect the items to be delivered to oneself ?
Once the order is placed on our website, our standard delivery is within 3-5 business days based on the snacking cycle . If the order is placed in the zipcode's where our national courier service takes a longer time to reach you we could give you estimated time which will be little longer than our standard delivery times(typically 7-8 days) You can always contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding your delivery date on our contact number.
How much are delivery charges?
Delivery charges are inclusive of the price for deliveries with in Mumbai and major metro cities. For non-metro cities a nominal delivery charges will be applied.
Which areas are currently being serviced?
We provide delivery of our products at Pan India Locations. (Very few regions where our national courier service are not able to serve is excluded)
How can I change my shipping address?
You can modify your shipping address as long as the order status is in Pending. Once your order status has been changed to Processing, your package will be on its way to the address that you provided.

To modify your shipping address, follow these steps:

  • Login to your account and go to My Account
  • Click on "Modify your address book entries" 
  • Find the option that says "Edit" 
  • Proceed to modify the address and click "Submit"
  • Will I be charged a membership fee first time or any time I place an order?
    We have an absolutely free membership programme. The membership programme is designed to serve you consistently and in a customised manner. (As per your interest)
    If I have taken one year plan can I stop or cancel it ?
    YES! If you are a current subscriber and you have 1 years subscription plan you can stop or pause a plan by giving a noticeof 30 days and it can be stop.  You can cancel the service at any time by giving 30 days notice to our customer services. The balance remaining in your account will be sent via cheque within a period of 30-45 days.
    Do you have offline stores?
    Currently Natura munch do not have offline stores. We are in the process of bringing our snacks offline. However you can buy your snacks online through our portal. If you have any questions or issues in buying snacks online, you can call us at +91 9867165658 or drop us a line at Info@naturamunch.com
    How can I refer to my friends?
    You can invite your friends to join Naturamunch.com through either of the following options:      
    1. Share on Facebook: On the Referral page, click on "Share on Facebook". You will be redirected to the Facebook login page. Once you log in, a link will be posted on  your wall. Share this link with your Facebook friends to invite them to Naturamunch.com.

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